Supercollider presents Wiolators: Blackpool Edition; a series of site-specific artworks motivated by the term 'live'.

 Blackpool's history of live 'shows' will inspire a range of responses from bird-song-club-tunes to a radio station to physical exercise
 routines that will occur around the town and within Supercollider's gallery space investigating the limits of the term 'live'.


 The Wiolators are an art collective formed in 2011 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. The collective consists of 10 emerging
 international artists from different countries and artistic backgrounds. Their collective works range from painting, through to choerograhed
 performance(s), video, sculpture and kinetic sculpture.

 The participating Wiolators are:
 Emilia Bergmark (SE) / Maria Gondek (DK) / Christopher Holloran (UK) / Judith Kleinemeier (DE)
 Anne Kathrine Sørup (DK) / Nadja Voorham (NL/SE) / Thordis Erla Zoega (IS)

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